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SLCC film students contribute their stories in and about the Museum

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The Museum's Broadway Wing
looks forward to welcoming
the Sundance Film Festival
again next year!

Sundance took place in the Museum,
and the street lit up for 10 full days

With our new Sundance plakats up and down the street, made possible with support from SLC Corporation and EDA Architects, museum visitors got a preview of things to come — see a slideshow here.

"Along the Way" on Broadway

Cause Collective

The work of the Oakland-based artists collaborative known as ©ause Collective was projected nightly during Sundance. If you missed it on the wall, catch it here and see how engaging the moment as we move through our cities can engage our senses and sensibilities day-by-day, along the way.

Partners in Change

Looking at the processes of change that affect our lives are most exciting when seen through the eyes of students. As a primary audience of the Museum’s activities, we seek partnerships with schools wishing to use The Temporary Museum of Permanent Change as an auxiliary campus for creativity, discovery and exploration.

Whether studying archaeology, anthropology, history, engineering, language arts, fine arts, mathematics or any other area of interest, the Museum is a lens through which students can witness real-time applications of any course of study.

If you would like to join our growing list of Education Partners, please contact us at: and we can explore ideas together.

Current Partners in Education include:

Madeleine Choir School:

The Leonardo:

Youth City:


Partners in Business

The strength of our museum comes through partnerships with people and institutions committed to building a city of lasting value. Understanding that cities are always changing, never finished, and are predictably unpredictable, the dances that keep cities vibrant are in step with our shared vision of a sustainable future.

If you’d like to become a partner or sponsor as we celebrate the processes of change, consider adding your name to our growing list of committed, generous, creative partners:

Downtown Rising:

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