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SLCC film students contribute their stories in and about the Museum

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The Museum's Broadway Wing
looks forward to welcoming
the Sundance Film Festival
again next year!

Sundance took place in the Museum,
and the street lit up for 10 full days

With our new Sundance plakats up and down the street, made possible with support from SLC Corporation and EDA Architects, museum visitors got a preview of things to come — see a slideshow here.

"Along the Way" on Broadway

Cause Collective

The work of the Oakland-based artists collaborative known as ©ause Collective was projected nightly during Sundance. If you missed it on the wall, catch it here and see how engaging the moment as we move through our cities can engage our senses and sensibilities day-by-day, along the way.


Archaeologists working on South Temple where this extraordinary piece was found in 1998 tell us that bone whistles or flutes were common among the Fremont Indians. The whistle illustrated, carved from the bone of a bird, is a refined carving compared to those found across from Pioneer Park in 1986. This flute, “was fitted with a reed or semi-plugged with beeswax or pine gum.” This more refined instrument “allowed for a change of air flow through the tube and out the vent hole causing a high pitch whistling sound.”

Imagine, kitty-corner from our own Symphony Hall, more than a thousand years earlier on the banks of City Creek another people celebrated their culture through music. Whether this was for communication, hunting or shamanism, the sound of music filled the air and souls of families who, like us, loved this place we call home.

It is just such a juxtaposition of cultures, separated by nearly one thousand years, that illuminates the rich stories contained in our Temporary Museum of Permanent Change.

(Information gathered from “The Right Place—Fremont and Early Pioneer Archaeology in Salt Lake City” produced by the Office of Public Archaeology, Brigham Young University)

Special thanks to the Brigham Young University Museum of Peoples and Cultures, and especially Richard K. Talbot for his enthusiastic support.

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Ana Movie

Check out the short video clips in our Story Projects section, in which Ana, and a growing number of other museum guests, share their stories about the museum.

On Broadway
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Quote of the Week

"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken."

– Frank Herbert